First Grade Reading — Commercials

As the culminating event for our advertising unit in first grade reading, the students created their own commercials.  Each group came up with a concept, picked one or more advertising techniques, created a story board, and then rehearsed, filmed, and edited their commercials.

Today, I am proud to present their finished products.  I know, way to work until the last minute!  We’ve been frantically editing up until now when I am typing this post.

The commercials are on YouTube, but they are unlisted.  This means you can get to them if you follow the links, but they don’t appear in a Google search.   There is no way to get to the commercials unless you have the direct link.  And without further ado, here they are:


Lucie, Lauren, and Josie’s Loggles Commercial

Mohan, Ethan, & Landon’s Water is Precious Commercial

Ava, Aileen & Julia’s Carrots Commercial

Aila, Pauline, Stella, Sanaa, & Liliana’s Smart Readers Commercial

Thomas, Cyrus, & Bijan’s Scroon & Scrork Commercial

Riley & Jocelynn’s Peaches Commercial

Charlotte, John, Wes, & Blake’s How to Play Golf Commercial

Yasmine & Ella’s Tomatoes Commercial

I’m so proud of the work these kids did.  I don’t know about you, but I think the commercials look pretty darn professional.  Go first grade readers!

Thank you so much for sharing your children with me this year!  Have a wonderful summer!

Second Grade Humanities: Goodnight Moon Parodies

The second grade humanities students have been diligently working on their Goodnight Moon parodies.  Today, we managed to finish filming most of them.  Since this is our last day of class, I told the students that if they finished their book (at home or in class during free time), I would be happy to film them reading it later.  Just have them stop by and let me know, or send me an email.

Today we also briefly discussed satire and the difference between parody and satire.  After all our work this session, the kids had no problem defining parody.  I explained that satire is like parody but that is has the purpose to bring about change.  We then read Birthday Bunny and Battle Bunny by Jon Scieszka and Mac Barnett.  Birthday Bunny is supposed to be a typical children’s book — pandering, predictable, overly sweet.  Scieszka and Barnett wrote this book specifically so that they could turn it into Battle Bunny, which is Birthday Bunny with numerous alternations made by Alex, a child who received it as a gift for his birthday.  Alex alters the pictures and plot to create a tale about a bunny bent on destroying the world, an evil plot eventually foiled (by Alex, of course).

Battle Bunny‘s purpose is not simply to make fun, but to point out the lack of imagination, excitement, fun, and real life experience in so much of children’s literature.  When the kids finished their Goodnight books, they worked on Birthday Bunny satires of their own.  Baffled Bunny couldn’t quite figure out why it was his special day.  Bad Bunny just couldn’t fix his attitude. Burping Bunny… well, I’m betting you can guess what happened to him.

Here are links to the Goodnight Books.  These are on YouTube but they are not searchable — you can only get to the video if you have the direct link.

Goodnight Jail by Lili

Goodnight World by Claire

Goodnight Asher by Isabel

Goodnight Lion Den by Lorien

Goodnight Belly by Jack K.

Goodnight Minecraft by Nick

Goodnight School by Jack M.

Goodnight Minecraft by Gracie

Goodnight Zoo by Hannah

Goodnight Hobbit by Binyamin

Goodnight Millennium Falcon by Jack C.

Goodnight Splatoon by Max

Goodnight Spaceship by Jacob

Goodnight Library by Evan

Goodnight Dirt by Atticus

Goodnight Card House by James

Goodnight School by Ryan

Goodnight Tomb by Brooks

Goodnight Mount Olympus by Mason

Goodnight Farm by Ezra

Goodnight Cave by Corinne

Goodnight Trash Can by Anna

It is hard for me to say goodbye to these students, many of whom I’ve seen on a weekly basis for three years.  So I’m not going to.  I gave lots of hugs and “see you soons,” and that’s about all I can bear.  Thanks for sharing them with me!