Kindergarten Enrichment Reading: Researching Disgusting Critters

Yesterday in Kindergarten Enrichment Reading, we again met in the library, and we began our disgusting critter research in earnest.

I used The Worm, which we read together last week, to model how to fill out the Disgusting Critter Research form.  We worked together to hunt through the book for the information we needed to fill out the form.


Next, I talked to the kids about how to find the form in their Disgusting Critters packet.


After that, the kids chose a critter to research, and began the process of finding out all they could about their chosen critter.


Some students are working alone and some are working with a partner.  I left this up to them, and they all seemed happy with their choice (but do let me know if you hear otherwise).IMG_4295

The children worked diligently to fill out their forms.  They asked lots of (relevant) questions.IMG_4296

I don’t know about you, but a room full of kindergarten students using books to research makes me feel all gooey inside.*


*Given that we learned from The Worm that some worms’ habitat is the inside of a human’s or an animal’s body, I feel that I should note that this gooey feeling is not because I have a parasite.  Or at least I don’t think I do!


The two students in the photo below are researching the spider. Their Disgusting Critter book tells how many species of spiders there are but doesn’t list any examples of those species.  Mr. Spindle helped the students locate library books about specific types of spiders, and the students worked together to list the types that interested them on their form.IMG_4299

Waaaaait a minute… trapdoor spiders are a thing?  I find this information unsettling, but Ashlynn and Daylon don’t seem bothered.


When you undertake a project like this for the first time, it’s a bit of a gamble.  Mr. Spindle and I talked a lot while we prepared, but we still weren’t exactly sure how it would all work.  Yesterday, we breathed deep sighs of relief. The students are doing an amazing job with their research, and they seem super motivated to learn about their critters.

Stay tuned to see how they present their findings!


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